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grep is brittle in obtaining child-of-child's pid

Reported by: mmckerns Owned by: mmckerns
Priority: major Milestone: pathos-0.4a
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a better mechanism is needed for obtaining pid for a child-of-a-child process

Currently, parent and child pids are logged at launch... however, if the child is a script that launches a daemon process, the child's pid is not grabbed (and thus is is obtained by 'grep'). This is inherently fragile. The only robust solution is to have all spawned pids captured at launch time.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by mmckerns

Current thoughts are to require that all services conform to an interface... by deriving from an AbstractService. AbstractService would provide the interface for the code that returns the pid for all spawned children, and children of children, and so on. Thus, no "raw" services should be launched, but only services that have been wrapped in a girdle that ensures that all appropriate conditions for lifecycle management have been satisfied. (Sounds a lot like pyre...)

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by mmckerns

  • Milestone changed from pathos-0.1a1 to pathos-0.1a2
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