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provide generic mechanism for replicating 'login' environment

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Need to provide a generic mechanism for replicating 'login' environment.

ssh uses a raw 'sh' shell, while users login with 'bash' or 'tcsh' or something similar... these are login shells, and not just terminals. Pathos provides the ability to 'source' a file before any ssh command is launched... with the usual case being sourcing the user's login profile... (i.e. .bash_profile or .profile or ...). This provides any user-configured $PATH(s) and the like... but doesn't provide the ability to use system-wide shell functions (like the "use" script commonly found on clusters for package management).

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Current thinking is to source the same file that the system sources when you login... thus, if the "use" script is in '/etc/local.profile', then this is the file that should be sourced as a prepend to every ssh command.

An improvement might be to expect a .rlogin (or .rprofile) file that is a shell (or python) script that does the appropriate 'sourcing' and $PATH 'linking'. This way, if this file exists, it is a "one-source solution".

An alternate (or additional feature) would be to allow the prepended 'source' command to source more than one file (i.e. can take a list). Probably this is a good idea, but the more robust solution is to provide a .rlogin file.

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initial implementation is a hack. some features of this from the old gsl code have not migrated forward. with deal with it after the initial release.

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