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provide raw capabilities for killing and restarting jobs

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provide raw capabilities for killing and restarting jobs

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Notes from Nikunj Patel:

I worked on killing processes and all its sub processes after looking into
all possible options we discussed in last meeting. Various options I thought are:
1.        Keeping a list of ‘PID’s’ of parent and all its child somewhere and  during kill
process killing each one in a loop.
2.        Creating a group of processes and sending kill signal to group in such a way
child as well as parent gets kill signal
         if killpg:
                   os.killpg(pgid, signal.SIGKILL)

3.        Waiting for all child process to terminate, for e.g.
    child = subprocess.Popen(‘echo hello world’)
    child.wait()   # wait for the child to terminate

4.        Use popen.poll() command to check if child process has terminated?

Out of all possible options I found following options useful and I have implemented
it and turns out to be successful in most of the cases.
if sys.platform =='win32’:
        import ctypes
        TerminateProcess = ctypes.windll.kernel32.TerminateProcess
        print "*** Child process terminated !!"
        killedpid,stat = os.waitpid(pid,os.WNOHANG)
        if killedpid == 0:
            print "*** Child process NOT terminated !!"
            print "*** Child process terminated !!"

I'm using the "WNOHANG" flag here so that the os.waitpid()  function will return a
tuple of  (0,0) if the process isn't  dead yet. The os.waitpid call attempts to wait
for a child process to exit and returns its process ID and exit status.

For example, some codes for killing all processes both for windows and linux are:

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